Expansion pack of anti-piracy missions from the perspective of the pirates' victims: the settlers, colonists, merchants and marines of several alien races.

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SKYJACKER is the story of a human caught in the storm of galactic conflict. The game and the content being developed revolves around this protagonist and the decisions they make. But we have so much of in-game assets! So why stop there? Once the game is done, we’re going to leverage those assets to write some other stories – stories about the aliens. Some of them will be from the perspective of the pirates (see the PLANETARY MISSIONS PACK), and others, from their victims: the settlers, colonists, merchants and marines of several alien races.

This pack of missions provides a chance to get an alternative look at the SKYJACKER, playing for aliens, fighting against pirates, escorting trade convoys, defending your space base, and so on. There will be a wide variety of unique interfaces and features specific to each alien race. Now you have a chance to feel: how it’s to be attacked by pirates in space.

The number of missions is subject to change, but we anticipate not less than 15 additional missions and related content in this expansion pack. Pledging into this mission you’re getting a part of the beta community, what gives you an access to early builds of this content when the time comes.

This is an expansion pack of missions, what requires to have a basic edition of the game. It’s suitable for those, who already pledged into the COMPLETE EDITION or the COMMUNITY EDITION tiers, or pre-ordered 8GB USB CARD.
If you are new here, we would suggest you better to pledge into the SETTLER EDITION or SETTLER BUNDLE, which include both a basic edition of the game and this expansion pack.

HERE you can read more about SKYJACKER.

*** Remark: this pack includes virtual items only, and has no shipment costs.


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