Complete Edition


Wallpapers, Soundtrack and the Game in all of its unearthly beauty on PC or Mac (DRM-free digital downloadable version)

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WALLPAPERS – a large collection of Skyjacker wallpapers for your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device;

SOUNDTRACK – official game soundtrack (DRM-free digital downloadable version, 320k or lossless). Take Skyjacker on the road!

THE GAME in all of its unearthly beauty on Mac, PC or Linux (DRM-free digital downloadable version). Walk the ruthless path of Ael-Skyjacker, the lone human in a galaxy of conflict, as he tears apart the stars in search of fame and fortune. Sabotage, assassination, robbery, grift – all in a day’s work! This includes everything – all cutscenes, voiceovers, missions, and content.

HERE you can read more about SKYJACKER.





*** Remark: this pack includes virtual items only, and has no shipment costs.


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