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Order Skyjacker sketchbook 1 @ $25.00


It’s a trade paperback collection of the sketches, roughs, blueprints and outtakes that set the stage for SKYJACKER’s unique style, all narrated with inside information and development trivia. This, we can get away with; going paperback and black-and-white lets us print these for a fraction of the ArtBook’s cost, while still handing you a crisp and clean work of art. And like the rest of our swag, we’ll sign it on request.

We can’t add this to the reward tiers without making them messy, but the sketchbook PDF will accompany the artbook PDF, and the sketchbook will accompany the artbook as well (we’ve updated the spreadsheet to reflect this). All backers can add the Skyjacker Sketchbook as a bolt-on – increase your pledge by $25, leave your reward tier where it is, and we’ll work it out in the survey.

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