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As the Collector’s Bundle, but x5, plus we’ll hook all your friends up too by giving you FIVE downloads of everything and sending you FIVE Portable Skyjacker USB drives, each wolfpack-bundle-2reloaded with the Complete Edition of the game. We’ll set you all up with the title of Privateer on the forum, and for the credits, we’ll thank all four of you by name, under the clan name of your choice and billed proudly above the Captains. Added bonus: we’ll send out a Second T-shirt of any design!


WALLPAPERS (x5) – a large collection of Skyjacker wallpapers for your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device;

– SOUNDTRACK (x5) – official game soundtrack (DRM-free digital downloadable version, 320k or lossless). Take Skyjacker on the road!

– THE GAME (x5) (Enhanced Pack!!!), which includes:

1) THE GAME the game in all of its unearthly beauty on Mac, PC or Linux (DRM-free digital downloadable version). Walk the ruthless path of Ael-Skyjacker, the lone human in a galaxy of conflict, as he tears apart the stars in search of fame and fortune. Sabotage, assassination, robbery, grift – all in a day’s work! This includes everything – all cutscenes, voiceovers, missions, and content.
2) STARSHIP CONSTRUCTOR – an interactive spaceship exploration app, featuring starships from SKYJACKER
3) MISSION CONSTRUCTION TOOLS – You can create your own game missions in a user-friendly environment. No coding knowledge necessary! Just drag and drop components, change parameters and test your mission on the fly.

– BETA (x5) of the game – exclusive access to the Beta release of the game and its private discussion community. We’ll keep you in the loop and include your feedback in the game creation process, and we’ll grant you the title of Beta Tester on all our forums, public and private.

– ARTBOOK (digital) (x5) – the PDF version of the Skyjacker ArtBook, with 100+ pages of concept art – detailed illustrations of alien races, planetary habitats, designs and technology, and extras left on the cutting-room floor.

– EXPANSION PACK (x5) – an additional set of a few dozen additional missions where you step out of the shoes of humans and become the aliens – on both sides of the conflict. Smash the planetary colonies in the name of the pirate brotherhood, or fight to the death for the honor of your race!

– THE GAME CREDITS (x5) – special thanks in the game credits as a Skyjacker supporter!

– THE GAME USB (x5) – we’ll take all the downloads and put them on a professionally-packaged, 8GB USB Card with game on it. Now you can always have your personal SKYJACKER in a pocket!

T-SHIRT – one T-shirts of any design we have.

– POSTER – the game poster in full size (36” x 24”) for your bedroom, barracks, hangar or gun cabinet. It’ll be personally signed by Eugene Zhukov and the rest of the team leads, unless you ask us not to.


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All physical items are exclusive to the campaign, and ship free within the US; But you will be charged for international shipping if you are located outside of US/Canada. **








*** We appreciate your gratitude and love for the game.
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